Baccarat Crystal

Baccarat Crystal

Baccarat Crystal is one of the leading manufacturers of fine crystal located in Baccarat, France. The founding of Baccarat Crystal dates back to 1764, when King Louis XV of France gave consent to Bishop de Montmorency-Laval to establish a glassworks in the village of Baccarat situated in Lorraine eastern France.

In November 15th of 1816, their first crystal oven went into operation and up till then the glassworks only produced mirrors, window panes, and stemware. There were over three thousand workers employed at the site during that time. In 1823, Baccarat Crystal received the first royal commission from King Louis XVIII of France, which started a prolonged line of commissions for royalty and heads of state all over the world. This was the time of strong international growth for Baccarat Crystal.

Baccarat Crystal started making its crystal works with a registered mark in 1860, where the mark was attached to the bottom of the work. The production of Baccarat crystals stretched its scope throughout that time, and they built an international reputation for crafting the most excellent quality of chandeliers, barware, stemware, and perfume bottles.

In 1948, the company created an American subsidiary in New York City. They started making jewelry in 1993 and expanded into perfume in 1997. Today, there are thirteen Baccarat Crystal stores in the United States, with product collections such as fashion accessories, jewelry, oenology, stemware, barware, lighting, vases, and table accessories.

Semi-precious and precious stones, gold, silver, and such other elements decorate Baccarat crystal jewelry. The jewelry, depending on the model, has crystals that is set off with fine or precious stones, with gold motifs and always mounted on precious metals.

Fashion Accessories
Baccarat’s fashion accessory range from jewelry accessories, fur, leather goods, cuff links, and key ring, which are all made with finest quality materials and a touch of the company’s elegant crystal works.

Stemware crystals made with elegant craftsmanship and in array of designs such as Clara, Degustation, Epicure, Filao, Harcourt, Massena, Mille Nuits, Onde, Vega, Oenologie, and Les Intemporels, gives that graceful and stylish touch.

Various well-designed crystal barware that will give a striking touch to any personal bar, with various fine designs such as Abysse, Alpha, Arlequin, Beluga, Brummel, Equinoxe, Etna, Harcourt, Harmone, Massena, Mille Nuits, Mosaique, Nancy, Vega, Zinzin, Guilded Barware.

Baccarat’s Oenology collection includes wide array of glass designs and decanters with beautiful pleasing to the eye craftsmanship upholding Baccarat Crystal’s prestigious name.

The stunning crystal designs and striking colors give each Baccarat vase uniqueness and elegance, from the modern vases, vases in color, bud vases, and classic vases, every piece of crystal will compliment any place beautifully.

From table lighting, to ceiling lamps, lamps, wall units, and chandeliers, Baccarat crystal lighting excellently illuminates every spot it touches.

Table Accessories
Baccarat table accessories will compliment every plain table and turn it into a thing of beauty, with its extravagantly chic designed crystals.

Baccarat Crystal ever since its beginning, has illustrated strong works of artistic craftsmanship and elegance, which facets in every single piece of creation.

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