Cheap Baby Shower Gifts: Thoughtful Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

Cheap Baby Shower Gifts: Thoughtful Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

Here is a great list of cheap baby shower gift ideas that won’t break the bank. Enjoy!

1.Books. Buy baby board books online for less than $5 a pop (shipping included). Get discounted rates when buying on a bundle.

2.Baby Clothes. Any new Mom will appreciate a set of clothes as a baby shower gift. However, if you plan ahead, you can give the Mom-to-be toddler clothes instead of infant sets. She’ll surely appreciate the vision. Another tip is to buy off-season, while the clothes are on clearance. You can surely fit more than a piece for under $10.

3. Engraved Charms. If a silver or gold bracelet is out of your budget, why not give a personalized jewelry charm? Choose from several shapes, with heart as being the most popular. It can be used as a pendant or bracelet charm. Have the baby’s name and birth date engraved at the back of the charm.

4. Basket of Goodies. In dollar stores, purchase an inexpensive woven basket and decorate it with leftover holiday ribbons. Line the basket with pastel confetti and fill the basket with goodies, like purse versions of lotion, cologne, powder, diaper pins, wet tissues, anything that the baby needs. Some of these miniature items are grocery give-aways, so the over-all price comes really low.

5. Painted Pots. Paint clean clay pots with pastel colors and use stencils to place simple designs. Give a set of three to give the Mom-to-be a handy desktop storage for cotton balls, Qtips, diaper pins, etc.

6. Hand or footprint kit. These are kits that have materials to imprint the baby’s hands or feet onto framed shadowboxes. Most kits are at $10.

7. Framed Cross-Stitch. For a personal touch, buy cross-stitch materials and sew the baby’s name and birth date on a rectangle piece of cloth. Have it framed for a lasting gift. If you are short of time, give her a short and sweet note written on a copy of the pattern to say, “gift is work-in-progress, will be done in time for his/ her birth.”

8. Plant a Tree. Various government-sponsored companies are promoting tree planting and this is definitely a great gift for a baby shower. Most tree planting gifts come with a certificate complete with the baby’s name and a personalized dedication. Some companies offer a dollar for every tree, so your $10 can buy 10 trees. Now that’s a guarantee of fresh air for the baby’s future.

9. Baby Website. For the tech savvy Mom-to-be, create a free website for the future newborn. This gift will last until the baby grows up and can personally edit his or her website. If you know that the parents already have a web host, why not pay for the domain registration of the baby’s name so for the next five years, the future new born will have his or her own e-niche.

10. Pamper Mom, Too! Who says baby shower gifts are only for babies? Be creative by giving the Mom-to-be a gift, instead of the baby. After all, the occasion is, in fact, a celebration of her strength and dedication in carrying another life for nine months. Dollar stores frequently offer pampering gift baskets or customize your own, similar to the basket of goodies described above.

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