Chloe Handbags: Functional Style

Chloe Handbags: Functional Style

It’s a crime to create without substantial purpose and purpose is that which supports meaning to man’s creations. Bags are made to serve, to secure items of any importance in one easy grip. This role, however, is only one of the faces of today’s tangible items. What races this role to the top of the charts is this little thing called style. Style, the creed of fashion has become a necessity to the commercial world. A bag (or anything, in fact) must be practical but no less undignified. Handbags must bear a little part of the world in timeless beauty and satisfactory function – an objective of the Chloe handbag, one that is bred to take the challenge.

For the past year, Chloe has once again revolutionized the fashion industry with the introduction of their signature Chloe handbags, the Paddington and the Silverado. The Paddington handbag became the ‘it’ bag during the 2005 fall season. It boasts brass buckle straps and a large brass padlock with a key strung to the Chloe name in a leather band. The rich calfskin leather adequately holds items in its practical roomy interior, side pockets, and don’t forget the narrow pocket for a mobile phone. This three-pound Chloe handbag is distinctly slouchy and collapses at the weight of its own hardware due to the leather’s superb quality that’s soft and buttery. It’s functional, scratch resistant and has proven to be very durable. The Paddington comes in chocolate, red, camel, electric cobalt blue and the hard to get blue nuit. If you’re looking for spacious interiors, style and substance, this Chloe handbag spells it all out in big letters.

This Parisienne house of design, have graced runway after runway with the French taste since 1956 and hasn’t stopped there. Chloe has since, providing women with ready to wear fashion spelled in edge, luxury and style. The Chloe handbag emanates the glory of has its quintessential French style. Chloe Design house has been walking out the runway by a few of fashion’s greatest such as Karl Lagerfeld and Martine Sitbon. Since 1997, Chloe has been a mixture of classic and rock with the creative direction of Stella McCartney followed by a young newcomer, Phoebe Philo in 2001. Since Philo, the Chloe collection has changed into a more casual and less expensive line of women’s fashion. Chloe handbags are made for the revolutionary woman as this collection remains standing tall among the world’s top designers.

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