Choosing A Fashion Sunglasses

Choosing A Fashion Sunglasses

The market and styles of sunglasses are driven by popular fashion and show biz world. In fact as soon as a pair is worn by a celebrity it is a sure way of that the style will be a best seller for the season. But as with all fashion items copies abound everywhere. Some of the copies are so close to the real thing that only a keen or trained eye can tell the difference.

Eye specialists, however are keener on the quality of protection offer and not as much as to the aesthetics of the piece although it does account. Most eye specialists will agree that cheap copies bought from the sidewalk or the gas station offer very little or no protection at all which is more often than not. Most of these copies are just cosmetic pieces. They insist that sunglasses should be provided by an eye specialist and should be suitable for the activity of the wearer. Sunglasses offer different kinds of protection depending on the environment so you can have sunglasses for the snow slopes, for the beach for driving and even for outdoor sports. Most people however will need a basic pair for driving and general use. There are a few important features to look for in a pair to be worn daily.

The main work of a pair of sunglasses is to protect the eyes from sun damage, is that not the reason we call them sunglasses anyway. UV rays are blamed for certain eye problems like cataracts and even blindness. The main thing to look for in a sunglass pair is the kind of protection it offers against UV rays. A good pair should block as much as possible of the UV rays; the level is represented as a percentage on the sunglasses. Some brands claim to block 100% of these rays.

Another danger to the eyes is glare from reflected light from snow or water or open ground. Sunglasses with polarized lenses offer protection against reflected glare and makes outdoor activities and driving more comfortable. For people who need glasses to correct vision prescription sunglasses are an available option for them otherwise they can buy regular sunglasses and use them with contact lenses but not everyone can use contact lenses due to certain eye conditions like irregular pupils or glaucoma.

The style of a pair may be important but its protection abilities are more important. Decide what activity you perform more often and get a pair suited to it.

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