Choosing The Proper Fit: Running Shoes

´╗┐Choosing The Proper Fit: Running Shoes

Because everyone has different shapes of feet, as well as different needs, there is no “best shoe” that fits everyone. There are many factors that should be considered when trying to choose the right running shoes. These factors include a persons biomechanics, weight and the type of surface you run on (example: turf, grass, a track, concrete, etc.) the shape of your foot.

Considering these factors, a running shoe that is good for one person may be horrible for another. We have a lot riding on our feet when we run, making a well-designed, comfortable pair of running shoes a necessity for any runner. Choosing the right running shoes can prevent injury, and make your running experience much more enjoyable. The following paragraphs will discuss running shoes; as well provide some advice about choosing the right pair.

Before you go shopping for the right running shoes, it you should first determine the type of foot you have. First you need to dip your bare foot into water and make a footprint on a piece of paper. It is also a good idea to outline your foot with a pen, as well. This footprint will be very helpful.

Looking at your footprint, you should examine the arch of your foot. This will help you to determine what type of foot you have. If you see that you have flat feet, you are likely an over-promoter. If you see a medium arch, this normally indicates a neutral probation. Finally, if you have a high arch, you are probably an under-promoter.

Now that you have a good idea about your foot type, you are ready to go shop for your new running shoes. Specialty stores or stores that sell only shoes are the best places to look, as they often have a wide variety, and styles to fit any foot type. You can find these specialty stores, or shoe stores, in just about any shopping mall.

Tips and Advice: When you are trying to purchase the right running shoe, there are some tips you should always try to follow. It is Important to always wear the same socks you would normally run in. Make sure that you bring your used pair of running shoes along. Let the salesperson measure your feet. Choose a shoe that fits the largest foot. Take a test walk or jog around the store. By following these tips, you are sure to choose the perfect running shoes.

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