Fiji clothing — a unique sense of style

Fiji clothing — a unique sense of style

Are you planning a vacation to the islands of Fiji? Have you already thought of what to bring, or are you in a dilemma of what to wear and which ones to pack? Well, that is no big problem at all. It’s a tropical place with a very good tropical climate; hence you can travel light.

When you visit the island, pack and carry only the necessary wardrobe for your stay. Don’t forget to bring bathing suits, T-shirts and shorts, but make sure that you also respect the locals and natives of the place especially in the villages by not offending them with very vulgar fashion swimwear (if you’re in a resort, then it’s all right as you are with other tourists). Be considerate and understanding enough that the village folks are somehow conservative, thus refrain from wearing offensive swimming costumes.

This is where the Fiji clothing, like the “sulu” comes in handy, this is actually the same as what others call as “pareau, lavalava, or sarong”. It is a cloth of light and soft material used to wrap around the body. This Fiji clothing is a very important piece of dress for both Fijian men and women, most especially for the women because of its versatility, this Fijian clothing can be tied in so many ways to make at least ten different styles. It actually allows you to be creative and practical — one cloth yet many clothes.

Fiji clothing is a sensitive issue for the Fijians so you have to honor that pride they bring when they wear their “sulus”, even for men, they wear this wrap-around cloth or skirt-like dress, both in special and ordinary days. Fiji clothing is really far different from those places outside of the Pacific Islands. Unlike men from other countries, Fijian men wear skirts or “sulus” to school, events, work, special occasions, etc., they have plain colors to wear during formal events and more colorful ones in informal occasions. Women on the other hand have a generational gap in terms of the way they dress; Fiji clothing preferred by older women are floor-length skirts while short skirts and dresses are worn by younger women. Indian women wear their traditional Indian clothes.

One could say that Fiji clothing is unique; it has its own sense of style. More importantly, because of the climate they have that Fijians prefer to dress that way. It is because of Fiji’s climate that these materials and clothes become essential. So, if you visit Fiji, experience the Fijian way by wearing its very own Fiji clothing.

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