Hoop Earrings a Style From History

Hoop Earrings a Style From History

Earrings add beauty to a face. Different types of earrings suit different faces. Women have a fascination for earrings of all metals. While gold earrings are more traditional, silver earrings are smart. Earrings are essentially worn in the ear lobe, but in recent times, the trend is to wear them at the top of the ears too. Earrings, although by and large remain a woman’s domain, men too have again taken to wearing earrings, like their ancestors.

The various types of earrings in the market today are numerous, made in different styles, with different metals. The precious metals such as gold, silver, white gold, platinum are used to make earrings. The cheaper earrings are made up of beads, wire, plastic etc. The hoop earrings come in all these precious as well as synthetics materials.

The earrings that take a turn from one side of the earlobe and join on the other end are called hoop earrings. They are known to suit oval faces the best, although they look good on everyone. The two styles are the hinged hoop earrings and the puffed hoop earrings. The hinged hoop are short rings whereas the hinged hoop ones are longer and have bigger hoops.

Diamonds set in the hoops make the hoop earrings a beautiful piece of jewelry that can be worn for parties too. They look quite dressy even when worn over normal clothes.

Jewelers make all sorts of combinations for hoop earrings. There are some with only diamonds, while others are combined with other precious gemstones. Gold and white gold are mixed too and the effect of those earrings is exotic to say the least.

The thickness of the hoop earrings varies from the extremely thin to the very thick. Some of them are made very fragile with several wires and some are made so thick that diamonds or other stones can be set in these thick ones.

Diamond hoop earrings are very much a fashion statement now. Some of the most beautiful famous women love hoop earrings and they love the single studded hoop earring. A single diamond is embedded into the hoop and it gives a very youthful look.

Hoop earrings with their cascading style are very popular these days. Many celebrities wear these hoop earrings on big occasions and that in itself makes them exotic to wear for the fashion conscious woman, who wants to keep herself up-to-date with the latest trends.

Imagine the look it would create if you wear a long hoop earring on your earlobe and a small fitting hoop earring for the top of the ear. Wear it with the most modern and trendy clothes and you yourself are creating fashion.

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