How To Choose Proper Business Attire

How To Choose Proper Business Attire

Choosing proper business attire may seem simple, but as times and fashion change it can create some tough choices. When most of our grand mothers were in the business field clothing was modest. Longer skirts and suit jackets that covered up the feminine physique. A look that was bland and often uncomfortable. For most of our mother’s business attire began to take a change. Skirts could be worn on or slightly above the knee. The option to wear slacks and blouses was becoming more popular. For the modern day woman we are faced with numerous choices for a business wardrobe. So how do we choose?

Often business’ will create a business dress code to assist attire conflict. This can sometimes make your choices narrower. Some companies allow stereotypical business dress such as, slacks, blouses, skirts and suit jackets. These always allow an employee to look well groomed, and professional. Other companies will allow any clothing item such jeans, t-shirts, Capri pants to denim dresses. This allows a more casual laid back appearance. If you are given this freedom of choice ask yourself some basic questions to assist you in choosing proper business attire.

What does my attire say about me? Do I look professional? Do I show that I have put an effort into my appearance? Your appearance says a lot about you as a person. It is one of the first things that another person will notice about you. You don’t have to be a designer tag diva, or a modest maven. You simply need to take the time to choose clothing that reflects you in a positive light.

Another question would be, am I comfortable? Does your attire allow you to fulfill your daily job duties without interference? By the end of the day are your shoes causing you foot pain for a fashion statement? Can you bend down to pick up those fallen files, or would you reveal too much of your physique? Comfort can be very important in any job. If you are too focused on your discomfort from a clothing item, this can take away from your concentration on a job task. You choose fashion or focus.

Casual or Formal dress is another consideration. You can still look professional in a job environment if you choose casual business attire. Dark denim jeans, belted with a button up blouse can be very appealing. Still providing a clean and tidy appearance. If you wanted to be more formal Chino or Khaki pants with a blouse may suit your mood. The choice between these may be as simple as matching your dress to your job environment. If you are a banker, administrative assistant or have a job that a more formal appearance is suitable the choice becomes simple. Working in a call center, day care, or other similar environment may lead to a more casual dress choice.

By taking the time to ask yourself these questions you are prepared to make the proper choice for business attire. Appearance attitude, Comfort, Casual/Formal the choice is yours.

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