Kids Clothes: Making Smart Choices For Younger Kids

Kids Clothes: Making Smart Choices For Younger Kids

Kids clothes are available in a variety of styles and looks, but what is right for your child? As you consider some of today’s fashion trends, you may be a bit skeptical about allowing your child to wear them. With suggestive wording, short skirts and pants that expose their boxers, you may be leery about what is okay and what is not for your child. Before you start shopping for kids clothes this year, take into consideration a few details.

Battling Fashion Trends Over Your Beliefs

Even young children, as young as first and second grade, will want to wear what their friends are wearing to school. It does not take long for the problem to grow into a situation where you feel likely you are battling with your child about what they can and cannot wear. It does not have to be a battle of wills. Rather, make sure it is a battle of smart decisions. Here are a few points to make with your child when they want to wear clothing you do not find appropriate for them.

• Talk to them about their bodies. Be sure they know why you do not want them to wear clothing that exposes them. Be sure they understand how to keep private and respected for it. Many kids may not realize that kids clothes can be a problem for them.

• Talk to your child about setting their own trends. The fact that they wish to follow what their friends are wearing is something to discuss. Let them know it is okay to wear different things and that this does not define who they are.

• Let them know why you do not want them to wear the clothing. Just saying no may not be enough. Instead, explain your reasoning and they are likely to understand where you are coming from at least they will after some time.

Most importantly, keep the lines of communication open with your child. Communicate with them the importance of building a solid relationship that is built on trusting each other. When they trust you, they will realize that you are making a good decision for them even if they do not understand why.

Compromising With Kids Clothes

In some situations, it may be okay to compromise with your son or daughter on the clothing they would like to wear. You may allow them to choose several pieces for their wardrobe with the understanding that you will choose the rest. With the child not misrepresented in any way with the clothing, you may find this is a good way to help satisfy them.

Many times, clothing is an expression of their creativity and a way for them to express their tastes. Allowing children to play at least a small role in the selection of clothing is a good way for them to feel included. Lay down the ground rules, though. Not just anything will go and they should know where the limits are.

Setting The Example

As a parent, you need to you to practice what you preach. If you do not like the clothing your child wants to wear because you feel it is too revealing or inappropriate, do not wear this clothing yourself. One thing is certain: you are your child’s biggest influence. If you wear respectable, clean and appropriate clothing, they are likely to do the same thing.

It also goes without saying that both parents should be on the same page about what is okay and what is not when it comes to children’s clothing. It can take some time for this equal footing to happen and for both parents to come to an agreement, but the work it takes will allow your child to see that their parents are working together which means they should too.

Kids clothing may not seem like a big deal when you have toddlers but over the next few years, things will change drastically. Your child is likely to push you into buying them the types of clothing you are not happy. Be sure to tackle problems before they become so far out of your control that it is impossible to make it a learning experience.

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