Lose The Chips And Start To Strip With Strip Poker

Lose The Chips And Start To Strip With Strip Poker

No Cash Involved?

Strip Poker? Strip poker is an adult game. It spices up what would be otherwise be a ho-hum party. In this game, adult players are ready to shed off their party clothes, with the same eagerness they want to part with their money. A warning though, relatives and neighbors should not be invited. Who wants to see a naked grandpa?

If you are planning to have this poker version in your party, ensure that your guests are willing. Invite couples, or likely-to-be couples. People going to your party must be ready for the fun, not chicken out or the party would flop. Hence, there is no need having people who are not ready for this type of dare.

Strip poker plays on the imagination. Not everybody can bravely play this game. Although this has been featured in some movies, in real life this is almost impossible. Nobody likes to show his or her vital statistics. But the daring ones can go for it – if they have like-minded friends.

The thrill in the game is not about the cash, since there is usually none. The excitement is in accepting the dare. Unless you have a body to show off, then take the challenge. Word of caution: this game should be played in the privacy of homes where there are no children or prying neighbors.

The Rules

The game can begin with bets. When that peters out, people bet with their clothes. They start removing socks when they first lose a round. If one keeps on losing, he is stripped to the bone.

Before the game starts, decide on the worth of the articles of clothing. A kerchief may be worth a bet, a tie, 2 bets. The price should be pegged to the value of the clothes, and the game begins when everybody agrees to everything. Keep the game simple. A game with fewer rounds would be ideal. When everybody is hugging himself or herself, it’s about time to stop.

Variations of the Game

One version requires all players to have a determined stack of chips. Once they lose the chips, they start the strip.

Another divides players into two teams. Women against men. When a team loses, both groups take a new card but the losing team has to answer a question. A wrong answer – off goes a piece – could be a hose or a belt.

A modest variation of strip poker is the truth or dare. The loser is asked to choose between answering a question or doing a dare. If the loser opts for the truth he is asked a personal question (but not too personal to cause his ire), things like what he or she dislikes about her work, and what was his or her embarrassing experience in life. The questions asked should always be in the spirit of fun.

Ready to play strip poker? You can play the truth or dare version. It adds life to a party and people have much fun.

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