Matching Prom Sress and Hairstyle

Matching Prom Sress and Hairstyle

A prom outfit is not just about the dress that you will be wearing. Many girls make the mistake of thinking that everything, every planning and details should go with the dress. In putting together a great prom look you have to take all the essential elements together and make them work in harmony. There should be balance in all the elements in your outfit.

Everything should complement. Otherwise, people will feel that there is something wrong or something missing with the outfit that you have out together. What good is a great gown if your shoes is not the right color. What good are expensive dresses and accessories if your hair is a disaster. Everything should look good and everything should be right. Here are some guidelines that you can follow to make sure that what you have on come prom night is a total killer look that everybody will envy.

Try to match everything

This does not mean that you have to buy everything in the exact same color! No! That would be a monochromatic disaster that is as worse as a psychedelic one. What you should do is try to achieve a two color or sometimes a three color look depending on the kind of outfit that you want and the dress that you have set your sights on. If you are out shopping and you have already bought your dress, try to bring the dress when you choose the shoes. You can even wear the dress along with the shoes.

This way you can see for yourself if the color is right or not. As a rule, you will not go wrong with shoes in metallic colors provided that the color that you pick will complement the color or the accents of the gown that you are wearing. The same goes with picking the right hairstyle for the prom dress and if you decide to color your hair, the right shade.

Prom night should also have a lot of glitters so you can incorporate this little by little in some obscure spots in the outfit. If your gown is in severe color like black or brown and there are no details like beadworks and glitters, put some pizzazz on your outfit by using great jewelries and hair accessories. Remember that the right hair accessory can help you tie up your hair with the dress.

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