Put Your Goofy Foot Forward

Put Your Goofy Foot Forward

Tilly’s is a Southern California landmark in its own right. For more than 25 years this store has supplied sandals, shoes, sporting accessories and clothing lines to the avid surfers and skaters. If the duck dive is your passion, and you know how to execute a bottom turn faster than the surfer next to you, then you may be impressed by their ample inventory.

Consider the full lines of surf wear that will make you surf in style; there are the Roxy and O’Neil brands, as well as the Quiksilver and Rusty inventory that are the height of fashion. Quiksilver’s Super Nova Men’s Boardshorts with the tell tale Quiksilver embroidery on the back of the shorts and the flapped Velcro pocket to store your valuables is one of the hottest items.

Lady surfers will ride the waves in style with the Roxy Aloha Sensations Women’s Hipster Brief in red and white and the matching Swimsuit Top. The top features the classic cross halter with the Roxy logo embroidered at the top left. The material fits comfortably and you will enjoy the caress of the wave as you hang heels.

If skating is your passion, and you can perform a flatground ollie or heelflip without so much as breaking a sweat, Tilly’s will ensure that you are clothed to the nines while showing off your tricks. For those who skate, the proper shoes make all the difference. Etnies are probably the number one selling brand of shoes, and the Etnies Kingpin Men’s Shoes in black deliver not only the leather upper with the elastic tongue that you are familiar with, but you will also get the arch support that the experienced skater will not do without.

Skate wear from Element will round out the skater’s ensemble and if you are seeing a lot of stick figure logos on shirts this season, you know that you have found a popular brand. Tilly’s carries the Element Striper Men’s T-shirt in fashionable charcoal grey as well as the Anette Women’s Shorts for the ladies. These ripstop shorts have slanted front pockets to keep your valuables inside while following in the foot steps of Vanessa Torres.

Other brands that Tilly’s is currently carrying are Fox Racing clothes, the ever popular Volcom line, Hurley, Rip Curl Clothes, Billabong, and of course No Fear. When you want to be taken seriously on the beach, you really should consider your surfing gear. Professional and amateur surfers all around focus on their gear to make them not only be able to surf in comfort, but also look like they are playing the part at the same time.

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