Site Promotion Tools – How Many Sites Do You Need?

Site Promotion Tools – How Many Sites Do You Need?

Site promotion tools are an important element in making sure you give online users the greatest opportunity to visit your website. It is likely you have infused your site with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies, and you have included site link information in any forum posts and blogs. You might have gone so far as to develop Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. You are relatively comfortable with the conversion rate based on site visitation. You may even believe you’ve done all you can do, but there may be a strategy you haven’t considered.

Some innovative site promotional experts are discovering the effective use of multiple websites that are effectively driving traffic to their primary site. This strategy is NOT a more common ‘mirror site’ that simply mimics the original site. When using this strategy website owners find sub niches they can develop a unique website presence around.

The site should be well developed with quality content and can stand alone in relation to the content it provides, but it is also a highly specialized mechanism for driving potential customers to your main site.

The one thing that does not work with this strategy is to simply develop these secondary websites and then leave them alone in the belief that they will effectively do the job as a site promotion tool.

Both visitors and search engines will loose interest if you fail to keep updating information. Search engines are designed to have an appreciation for new content. If you never change content you can expect your site rankings to slip.

The idea behind this strategy is to maximize the overall keyword and key phrase strategies you have in place. This is important because the ownership of multiple sites can allow you to maximize the impact of the various key words or phrases you want to develop with an eye toward overall sight rankings.

For instance if you specialize in imported shoes your main site would contain an online catalogue and targeted information about imported shoes. You might have a secondary site dedicated to various types of imported shoe leather. Another site could be dedicated to the benefits of imported shoes. Still another might deal specifically with the elegance and style associated with imported shoes.

You get the idea. This approach allows you to explore each area in depth with an eye toward moving each interested niche group to your primary site for purchase.

If your business is multifaceted, the use of multiple sites that are very specific in their goal and presentation could provide an impressive site promotion tool that may signal improved online sales results.

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