The Cycles in the Fashion World

The Cycles in the Fashion World

The fashion world works on the different seasons. The one thing that has remained the same all these years is the colors. Light colors are used to welcome summer and spring while dark colors are used to symbolize fall and winter.

During these months, certain additions may excite the community and one of these is crochet patterns. The first time these came out were often seen in furniture.

These are the curtains on the wall, the coasters for the glasses and at times the table mats. Since fashion is about imagination and being able to make the person carry it, designs have been made to bring it out into the streets.

The world’s best designers do not just make designs for those who are young. The designs are made to create a carefree and spirited individual who may be old but have the youthful spirit at heart.

A simple pair of jeans could have flower patterns on the back pocket. The handbag could have a double stitch with different colors. The top could be a long sleeve jacket with a flower in the back or a patch in the arm.

Patterns like these and others may come in different sizes and shapes. Some can be represented in the form of an animal. Those who are patriotic could follow the colors of the flag with the red, white and blue in a top.

There are so many designs that the person can get from magazines and the internet. By looking around or using a little imagination, some unique and new patterns can also be made.

Some people have this notion that crochet patterns are only for women. There are a lot of designs that men and children can wear as well. This is not only for shirt that is worn but can be used to accessorize the jacket as well in the form of a patch for the arm. People who want to stand out or individualize can also make a hat or wear a pair of gloves that also use these designs.

Women can also make crochet patterns in scarves, capes and coats that will make the person look fashionable even in a cold climate.

Making a crochet pattern is easy as long as the person has some basic knowledge of cross stitching. The only needed after that is the needle and thread that is used to make it.

It is a good idea to first draw it on paper before starting out. After making the layout, it is time to go to the specialty store and choose the ideal yarn for the item that the person is going to make. Weight is very crucial since this will determine if it is expandable.

Beginners who don’t do this often should always start with simple patterns before moving on to the more advanced designs.

The best place to learn patterns these are through books. There also some that can be found in the internet and is free. These sources not only show the design but also how to do which makes it easy for anyone to catch on.

Another good place to learn some designs is by going to the mall. There are some specialty shops that have it as part of the collection. By taking it off the rack, wearing and feeling the texture, the person will have an idea and do it upon getting home.

Crochet patterns from simple furniture items can now be turned into a fashion statement. These can be used for everyday wear from top to bottom. The person just has to decide whether to buy it from the store or take the time and do it at home.

This could take some time but the hard work will all pay off when the person gets complements from family member and friends who find out that this was done at home. It takes a little imagination to make it happen and good hands to bring it to life.

Crochet designs don’t always have to be something new. There are some old ones that were popular before and are now making a comeback. The designs sometimes depend on the season and the direction of those who have some authority in the world of fashion.

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