The Hazards Of Online Shoe Shopping

The Hazards Of Online Shoe Shopping

The internet revolution has brought many wonderful methods of saving both time and money right into our homes. We can now purchase just about anything on the internet. We assume that purchases made on the internet are pretty much the same as purchasing in the store, and that if there’s a problem we can simply return it.

This can be a fallacy that lands us in a world of frustration, resentment, and bitter disappointment when dealing with customer service individuals. If you’ve decided to shop online for a pair of shoes, proceed with caution. First, make sure that you are dealing with a chain store and a reputable company, preferably one with a brick and mortar location near you so that if you can’t get anywhere with customer service you have the option of making a nuisance out of yourself at the local chain branch.

A person’s foot is not chronically the same size all the time. Age, activity factors, health issues, and weather can all have an affect on the size of a person’s foot. Ordering shoes online can be difficult as shoes tend to be cut uniquely and a size 8 is not always a size 8.

Double check your order before submitting and keep a close eye on the credit card statement. Double charges are not unusual. If you are dealing with a Mom and Pop store, you will be lucky to see any of your money back. Reputable chains have more sophisticated software and can often check their billing on the spot to verify and correct your claim.

It can be very difficult to prove, but sometimes the wrong shoes or shoes without laces or even just the one shoe arrives right on time. Calling to correct the situation can be taxing, long, and arduous. It is my personal belief that there are people working in the distribution warehouse that think sending out these funny orders is their idea of third shift entertainment.

Online ordering can be a pleasant experience most of the time. However, when a mistake is made it can be very difficult to get it cleared up. Whether the mistake is theirs or yours doesn’t really seem to be relevant, it is equally as difficult to clear up mistakes. After several tries and lost precious hours, it is time to head down to the local chain with your receipt and order in hand.

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