White shoes are the new black

White shoes are the new black

First popular among hip-hop and rap enthusiasts, the white shoe became a symbol of two things: wealth, and cleanliness. The white sneaker proclaimed clean lines and soon became part of the hip hop image of well-to-do. The rap community, wanting to showcase their taste for a pure, keep-it-real attitude, donned white shoes. While the shoes sent out a message of simplicity, they also provided a sharp contrast to the wearers’ dark baggy pants. Since white shows up so clearly, the shoes made a nice addition to the profile.

From this avant garde celebrity fashion movement, white shoes as a fashion statement spread to the public at large. Women going to their charity events, shopping at the mall, on a casino junket, or at reservations-only restaurants are now just as likely to want to make this white shoe statement of good fashion sense.

The traditional black or red stiletto heel was becoming less popular and thus less fashionable! White draws the eye, and women came to realize their well-defined legs were not receiving the attention they deserved. Besides, the too-perfectly matched and coordinated ensemble had become boring and dated.

Today, black cocktail dresses are being paired with pristine white spike heels. If the wearer decides to show off toned thighs with a mini-skirt, she’ll opt for the white shoe. Not only does the color give even the palest skin a sun-kissed glow, but also gives the illusion of yet more finely toned leg muscles. The brightness of white shoes highlights the shadows cast by curves. Ooh-la-la!

If a gal really has a penchant for shoes, she might pair them with any of the seemingly endless supply of stockings available today. One beauty of white shoes is the special way they show off silk stockings in an eye-catching way.

The best way to maximize this eye-catching effect is to wear a vinyl, patent leather, or PVC coated shoe. The shinier the shoe, the more the eye is drawn to the quality of the stocking.

But if you’re going to wear fishnets, criss-cross, or matte stockings, go only for the matte white shoe. You don’t want to overdo the look. That only makes it look like you’re trying too hard!

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