You Can Be an Image Consultant That Specializes in Fashion

You Can Be an Image Consultant That Specializes in Fashion

Ever heard the line, dress to impress? Well, you probably do that when you are going out shopping or to a party. But did you know that people who work have to do that everyday to maintain a professional atmosphere among their co-employees? If they are not able to, it is best to hire an image consultant that specializes in fashion.

An image consultant who specializes in fashion is hired to improve how someone looks as this also affects how he or she feels about themselves and their relationship with others. You won’t be only giving advice on what clothes to wear but also what kind of hairstyle, makeup and accessories should go with it so you there is consistency from top to bottom.

To work well in this profession, you have to be up to date that with the trends in the fashion industry. This will allow you to figure out what a person can wear based on their budget.

Some of the people you will be dealing include business executives, celebrities, company employees and in some cases, teenagers.

While some have decided to make this a private practice, many of these individuals work in department stores and retail chains who give advice to people who drop by and ask if the shirt or dress they are trying out looks good on them or not.

As an image consultant, not everyone you work with will have a perfect figure. Some are thin while others are big and fat and since everyone needs to have a unique image to provide positive self-esteem, you have to work with what you have to make it happen.

If the image consultant decides to help the client, he or she will first discuss their current wardrobe. From there, you can already show samples of possible alternatives for accessories, clothing and styles. Once the client buys everything, all you need to know is follow up how things are going by visiting them once or twice a year.

When you give advice, you must be sensitive to their needs, respect their individual taste and lifestyle. You can even go with the client to the mall so you can see what they are trying out to prevent them from buying something that isn’t right for them.

Being an image consultant for one client is different with another. You just have to things on a case to case basis then work from there.

But the first step to become an image consultant that specializes in fashion is to get formal training and certification. You may get that by enrolling in a diploma program in fashion merchandising or participate in other courses offered by private firms that want to promote this as a noble profession.

Some of these individuals first start out by working for a private company and then decide to open their own business. This means you will be the one to manage the business and a host of other things aside from making client calls.

You have to spend a bit to advertise your services as an image consultant. Put an ad in the newspaper, print out some flyers, create a website, pay for a poster or billboard. When the phone rings, set an appointment date and then meet up with the client.

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