2008 Fashion Trends for Sewing Projects

2008 Fashion Trends for Sewing Projects

It’s always fun to look at the latest issue of Vogue and other fashion and decorating magazines, and see what the latest upcoming styles will be. This helps us home sewers get good ideas for things we can make to wear and for decorating our homes. Keeping up with fashion is a good idea for all sewers because it insures that your sewing items are current to the times and will be able to be used for the longest period of time possible.

The look coming in Spring 2008 appears to be a throw-back to the 1950’s. Such items as high heeled pumps, slim skirts, large belts, and loose blouses with puffy collars and sleeves appear to be becoming all the rage once again. It appears that the days of butts hanging out of low-rise jeans are ending and a more sophisticated look is returning to the mainstream. For many of us, this couldn’t have come at a better time; unless you are a six foot tall pencil, the fashions of 2007 just aren’t that flattering.

Some of the latest staples of your wardrobe should be:

* A slim skirt
* A wide belt
* A great fitting pair of slacks
* A fitted jacket
* Shaped t-shirts
* Wrap blouses and dresses
* Metallic accents including grey metals and gold
* Denim items

This short list should give you a million and one ideas of items you can sew. Wraps are simple to do as are straight skirts and belts. Another easy thing you can do is purchase something ready to wear, or take something already in your closet, and add some metallic embellishments to it. This is a great way to recycle your older styles and make them current so you can get more wear out of them.

The colors for the coming seasons appear to be shades of grey, black and red. Use these colors to add to your classic wardrobe in unique ways. Belts make great accent items as do simple wrap blouses.

As we all know, the best thing about being able to sew our clothing is that we can make what we want, in our own colors and style, and have it fit our unique body types exactly how we want them to. Use this advantage and create some items for your wardrobe which will make you stick out from the crowd and have the other ladies at work asking; “Where did you get that?”

I was shopping recently at the mall and found a wonderful, simple slim skirt and the price tag blew me away at almost $200. If you can make one, and others like it, you could easily pay for your sewing by making a couple extra to sell. Or, you can simply delight in the fact that other people think you spend a fortune on your outfit, but the truth is that you made it all for yourself!

No matter what your level of sewing experience is, you can sew yourself some wonderful items which will be in fashion for Spring 2008. Take a bit of time and look around to see what the new up-and-coming items will be and decide what you can make for yourself. The hardest thing about sewing is getting started – so do it today!

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