How Work From Home On eBay: Selling Yard Sale Items

How Work From Home On eBay: Selling Yard Sale Items

Many people want to know how to work from home on eBay. Is selling yard sale items an option? You can have a business on eBay selling many yard sale items. However, you have to know what you can and cannot sell as some items may be restricted on eBay. Many people use eBay as their giant yard sale and you can too.

Before you start to list your items on eBay check the guidelines for what is prohibited. Here is just a couple of items that could get you into trouble. You can sell used clothes on eBay. However, they must be cleaned first. You cannot sell unwashed used clothes and you cannot sell used underwear at all. Another area is weapons. Certain types of air guns cannot be sold and there are restrictions on knives and other items. Be sure you know what is ok to sell.

Here is how to work from home on eBay selling yard sale items. The first step is to use the items in your home as your first yard sale. This can also give you a good idea of what sells well and what does not. Not having to buy inventory for your first sales is a fabulous way to start. Make sure the items are clean and ready for sale. You want them looking picture perfect. Then take great photos of them so you can have a wonderful listing.

Here are some ideas of what to sell. Go through all of the clothes that your kids have outgrown or you do not wear. Designer labels sell well, discount chain store items do not, unless they are sold in bulk. Check out your old jeans. Have a pair from college that will never fit again? Vintage Levi’s and other jeans command top dollar. What cost you $20.00 thirty years ago might bring you well over $100.00 at auction today.

Another group of items to sell are older toys. Vintage Barbie dolls, most toys from the 1950’s – especially wind up toys or toy robots, sell very well and command a good price. Hate that china you received as a wedding present 15 years ago, sell it on eBay. This is how you can start making money right away. Take a good look through your home and declutter. You may be surprised what someone else will find appealing.

Once you run out of things to sell from your personal stash, you should start looking at local yard sales for other items. Here is where you can find great deals. Sheet music, vintage and designer clothes and handbags, china, depression glass, vintage toys, any educational books that could be used for homeschool, and many collectibles are great choices. You will have an idea of what sells well from the sale of your items. Check the What’s Hot page and the eBay Pulse page to know what items are in demand. Take this list with you when you go shopping. Moving sales are also a great place to look. Remember that charity events like church yard sales can be a great resource for your items as well.
You know where to look for inventory, what next? If yard sale items are what you plan to specialize in, that’s great. In this particular market it is very important to keep a list of customers who are looking for a particular item. If you sold a vintage Barbie doll to a customer, let them know when you find more. Better yet, ask them what they are looking for when you make the first sale. Make a hit list of customer requests. If you find one, list it on eBay, but let your customer know about that listing.

This is how to work from home on eBay selling yard sale items. There is a lot of money to be made. Your inventory will almost never be the same. If variety is the spice in your life, then selling yard sale items on eBay might be for you.

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