Shoes On Sale

Shoes On Sale

It takes quite a while to check the morning paper and see which stores are offering sales, and which have shoes that you really need for a day at the office. While checking these shoes on sale, you see the item that you want to go buy, and realize that you have wanted it for ages, but wanted to wait for the right time to buy it. Evidently, today is that day, because the shoes on sale!

As friends try to divert your attention from your shoe buying pursuits of the day, they tempt you with talk of morning coffee and donuts. As a seasoned shopper of footwear, you remain focused on the picture in the newspaper that seems to be calling your attention loudly to that special pair of shoes on sale that you absolutely adore.

Buying shoes on sale requires strategy. Getting a seat is the first order of business, while a friend grabs the display model off the sales floor. The smile on the salesperson face is an instant delight to sale weary shoppers who seem to be drifting during the sales pitch. The bargain hunter is giving her full attention, in hopes that the lady will quickly find her sale priced leatherwear quickly before it sells out.

The delightful tone of the salesperson voice bring the friends out of their weary daze long enough to realize that their dream shoe style is inches away, and is delightfully another pair of shoes on sale at this marvelous store today. They patiently wait their turn with the salesperson, gleaming smiles on their face, and conveniently grab their favorite shoe model from the display floor.

After so many tries, at so many places, the group has found their shoe buying Mecca. No longer are they bothered by the horror story places that they visited today. Each and every one simply took away the urge to look at the shoes on sales almost immediately. Other shoe shops that they entered on their bargain hunting expedition provided poor ventilation. That caused an urge to go through them that caused them to bolt to the door.

Another shoe shop had the rank smell of aged mildew growth, that lingered over from a faulty air conditioning unit that was repaired last week. Water damage could be seen behind the row of shoes on sale that you were interested in buying. That store was quickly crossed off the list.

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