Indoor Climbing Shoes-Rock Climbing On The Inside

Indoor Climbing Shoes-Rock Climbing On The Inside

Rock climbing is a fun, but difficult sport enjoyed by millions of people world wide. As the name implies, you climb rock walls. Be they artificial or real. And like any other sport you will need to buy specialized equipment tailor made for rock climbing. However, as I mentioned, there are two types of rock climbing. Indoor rock climbing and outdoor rock climbing.

For the most part these are the same and require the same gear, but some things are different. For example, you will need indoor climbing shoes if you plan on doing indoor rock climbing. The reason for this is simply because most rock climbing walls are fake, not real rock, and thus the surface is different and requires a different type of shoes.

You will want to make sure that you get the best possible equipment for your climbs. Quality really does matter since it can make the difference between the item lasting for years, or months. It may be a tad more expensive upfront but it will more then pay for itself if you are an avid climber.

One of the items you will want to make sure to pay extra for is your indoor climbing shoes. These are actually one of the most important aspects of rock climbing, since the only thing keeping you on the wall is your hands and feet, so you will want the best gear for those climbing tools of yours.

One thing you will want to look for in your climbing shoe is the fit. The fit of any shoe is important, but more so when it is sports related. With your climbing shoes they will be put under a lot of strain as you climb. They will also be worn for long periods. So you will want to make sure you find a shoe that fits snugly, but is also comfortable.

Durability is also equally as important, which leads me back to my original quality statement. Having a climbing shoe that can last for years is far better then swapping out shoes every few months. These three things, durability, snugness, and comfort are what you will be looking for in your shoe.

Price can often times be an issue as well. While I said you should pay for quality, there are ways to diminish the prices while still maintaining the quality of the item. New models of shoes are rolled off the line almost every year. When this happens, older models are often given discounts. These older models are still good, quality indoor climbing shoes but are significantly cheaper.

While these older models may not have the fancy features of the newer ones, if they serve your needs you may as well save yourself some money. No sense in paying for something you will not really use after all.

Climbing is an exceptionally fun and challenging sport, and having the proper gear can make or break your climb. So getting the right kind of shoe is important. Make sure to do your research and find the best possible fit for you so that you can enjoy your rock climbing to it’s maximum potential.

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