Fur Coats and Jackets

Fur Coats and Jackets

The fashion world has included fur as a must-have item in their collection. Fur coats and jackets are not only on top list of well known designers collections but have also become a favorite choice of people seeking that warmth, voluptuous, sensual, and stylish feel of the cold seasons. Fur coats and jackets come in a wide array of materials, color, style, and price.

They have also dominated the screens as actresses wearing fur coats and jackets in one occasion or another have added to its fame and increased demand. Whether purchasing fur coats and jackets for luxury, fashion, practicality, investment, or ‘fame’, these expensive and elegant garments has been and will always be a part of fashion.

Fur Coats and Jackets at Jolly Jumbuck

Musi Fur Coat
This fur coat from Musi is a sheared beaver fur coat and was advertised in last year’s Vogue and is still very popular. Very striking in red, this fur coat is made from plucked and sheared beaver, and has a collar that tapers down the front with the other side made from plucked and sheared beaver and fox on the other. The cuffs are finished with fox and also have pockets. This comes in colors of sand, black, pink, bronze, gold, blonde, pistachio, natural, and red.
Price: $2,600.00

Jean Crisan Fur Jacket
This fur coat is sheared and unsheared patterns that give the jacket a perky, luxurious look. The interior wire in the collar supports the shape in anyway your mood grabs you.
It comes in black and ivory colors.
Price: $2,090.00

Paula Lishman Knitted Fur Jacket
This Icicle Jacket has a very unique pattern that is relaxing to the eyes. The material is made of knitted sheared beaver fur and comes in solid colors or combination of ombre, cognac/black, and camel/cashmere.

Fur Coat sale by Dino Gaspari
This fur coat is very rare sheared beaver color that has just been developed this year. The beaver is carved in a faux pick edging showing off the deepness of color in blush beaver. The collar and cuff have blush fox trim.
Price: $1,992.00

Shearling Coat
This fur coat has a lovely croc imprint on and one of a kind styling. It is finished with snake piping down the front, back, and arms and is accentuated with crystal. The lapel and sleeves has fox trim. It comes in cream color.
Price: $3,700

Jean Crisan Mink
This fur coat reverses to rain fabric and is a lightweight and warm sheared grooved mink. It is finished with mink grooved and patterned and reversible to rain fabric. It comes in black color.
Price: $3,800

These are just some fur coats and jackets from well known designers and there are still a variety of them out there, so if you’re into the feel of fur, let that animal instinct out and get into that fur fashion fever now.

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