Spring Is Here; Buy Your Man Crocs Shoes!

Spring Is Here; Buy Your Man Crocs Shoes!

You think Crocs Shoes are just for women? Don’t let the bright colors fool you!

I buy my man Crocs shoes every spring. Why? Because I was tired of his stinky smelly feet after spending his days at work. Crocs has men’s flip flops and clogs that will keep his feet cool and help prevent that horrible odor that comes with the heat of spring and summer.

My man works hard as a medical technician at the local hospital. He is on his feet all day and most men’s shoes just do not offer him enough support and comfort to make it home without being in pain at the end of every day. But I am tired of smelling that horrible stench every time he takes his shoes off.

So I decided to start searching for an answer to my own question. I started looking for shoes that would be comfortable for him and still keep his feet cool and ventilated. Not long after starting my search for men’s shoes I found the Crocs brand. Crocs look so cute that I thought there was no possible way a clog like that could actually be comfortable. So I bought myself a pair to test before buying my man his.

My feet felt like they were on little cushions. I could not believe that a shoe this light and stylish could actually be functional as well. The foot bed actually formed to fit my foot. The more I walked in the shoes the more comfortable they became. I saw that Crocs had a sandal and flip-flops available so I bought them for myself right away.

Before actually buying a pair of clogs for my man, I wanted to have some specific information on the shoe and what it was made out of. I found out that the Cayman model, one of the most popular, weighs only 6 ounces. Crocs makes them from a closed-cell resin, which will not get hot or uncomfortable in the heat. Some models of Crocs have ventilation holes to keep the air circulating around the foot. The circulating air is what will keep his feet from smelling. So I went online and purchased a pair of Crocs Cayman shoes for my man.

I’m not going to lie. His first reaction was a little bit of shock. He had never seen anything like them before and was very reluctant to wear them. But after some coaxing he agreed to wear them for one day. When he returned home from work he was smiling and asked if I wanted to go to a movie. I could not believe it! He didn’t head straight to his chair and put his feet up. He thanked me over and over for buying him his first clog shoes.

Now that spring is coming we are buying him some Crocs flip-flops to wear around the house. Crocs has incorporated their relaxed design into a sandal that is unbelievably comfortable. Men’s shoes are no longer boring and stinky. Now men can wear stylish sandals to relax or comfortable clogs at work and their feet will never stink again!

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