You’re Wearing Crocs?

You’re Wearing Crocs?

Crocs shoes are becoming more and more popular everywhere you go. When I say “Crocs shoes”, I don’t mean shoes made of crocodile skin, but rather a new shoe trend that is sweeping the nation

Crocs shoes originally came from Canada. Now, the Crocs company is based in Boulder, Colorado. Crocs are made from a patented closed-cell resin, which makes them comfortable and pliable. They are especially great for people who are on their feet all day, like food service personnel, medical personnel and others.

I’ve heard from doctors and nurses that after wearing Crocs all day, not only do their feet feel great, but any back problems they normally suffered with were gone. This is not to say that Crocs will solve all your medical problems. But you will definitely feel better

One of the benefits of this patented closed-cell resin is that the shoes are unable to absorb odor. It’s amazing, but even after wearing the shoes all day, they will not stink. Another benefit is that the shoes are so light they actually float when dropped in water. Crocs are great for people on boats. Not just for the floating, but because they also have a good grip on the deck

Some people have worn Crocs-like shoes for tasks such as gardening. Crocs are also great for tasks like this. They are super-easy to clean… just hose them off and let them dry.

Crocs come in a variety of models and colors. The most common Crocs have ventilation holes throughout the top of the shoe, others only have ventilation around the sides leaving the top solid for protection from spilled liquids. An older model was fully enclosed, but I think it may have been too hot for normal wear.

The huge variety of fashionable colors available make Crocs an excellent choice to go with any outfit. Having multiple pairs of Crocs makes it easier to mix and match and make the right fashion choice.

What about size? Crocs generally run a little bit large. Some models, like the Beach model, in size groups like small, medium and large others, like the Cayman model, come in full sizes like 8, 9 and 10. Since the sizes are unisex, you need to look at a chart to determine whether you are looking at men’s or women’s sizes. If you normally wear a size 8, and the chart shows a shoe that would be size 8 to 9, you may want to consider the next size down. However, if you normally wear a size 9, you will probably be okay with an 8 to 9.

You owe it to yourself to try a pair of Crocs shoes. They will be the most comfortable shoes you may ever try, and your feet will thank you for the purchase.

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