Tuxedo Styles

Tuxedo Styles

Do you know that the car you drive can serve as the basis when you choose from among the various tuxedo styles?

This does not mean that if you don’t own a car and are simply going to the event in a cab, you can get away with wearing a shirt. The comparison between the different automobiles and tuxedo styles is to humorously make you understand the variations in the quality of each.

Finding the right tuxedo would depend on the particular event that you will be using it for and the image that you’re trying to project. For weddings, it is highly recommended that you come donning the classic tuxedo styles mainly for the following reasons: these tuxedos may still be used for the next several years; and the future generation won’t think you’re attire was funny. And of course, own that tuxedo instead of renting one out.

Prom night brings in mixed emotions – you either want to stand out or get lost in the crowd. One can choose from among fashionable tuxedo styles or settle for the classic ones.

Charity dinners and the like may require you to come in tuxedo but what particular tuxedo styles are most appropriate? Check out the ones with finer cloth than those rentals. This will make you more dressed than the guy on the podium.

Formal dancing or award receptions definitely need you to come in your best attire. So forget renting one out or buying cheap and out-of-date tuxedo styles. Splurge on a fine tuxedo that will make you look as if you’re someone who stepped right out of a magazine.

There have been a lot of tuxedo styles inching their way into the market. But experimenting with the tuxedo is a no-no in the fashion scene. Some say there are five tuxedo styles, while others say there are only two, they are: the shawl lapel and the peaked lapel. Even if some insist that notched lapels is one of the tuxedo styles recently introduced, some fashion experts do not consider it as a true-blue tuxedo style intended for formal events.

Some of the tuxedo styles can be discerned by their colors as well. A word of advice: stick with black-colored ones or those with dark blue colors that will pass up as black if placed under some lights. The white tuxedo is only worn in the summer or during warm climates.

A tuxedo is undoubtedly the biggest fashion statement that a man can make. So even if it’s merely for a single night, make it something extremely memorable.

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