Discount Nike Running Shoes

Discount Nike Running Shoes

Summary: Choose Nike, but choose a tag that has ‘Discounted’ over the price.

One fact about Nike is they are too pricey. True, they may be the hippiest shoe around, with radical colors, shocks and cushions ka blah and hodge-podge, but $180 for a pair of Nike is still way too absurd. But yet, hardly anyone will dispute the technology and substance Nike has imbedded with its running shoes.

Nike also happens to be one of the trendiest brands of running shoes around. Cool designs, wicked media commercials and astronomical prices all contribute to its ‘cool’ factor. Sport the latest design of Nike and walk it around the neighborhood. Guaranteed you will be the object of all those jealous looks.

Personally, if I have to buy a new pair of running shoes, I often choose Nike although the tag should also include ‘Discounted’. Yes, discount Nike running shoes. If you know were to look you can always find great deals anywhere.

Over the years, I have bought a number of discount Nike running shoes. No I am not a regular runner. Rather, I get myself on occasion a discount Nike running shoes since they really look great with my jeans and shirt.

Zoom Rival Sprint III iD – Author’s Choice
Regular Price: $60

For $60, it is not a bad idea to get Zoom Rival Sprint even just for the Nike iD feature; it’s not an everyday option you know. For you greenhorns, this feature allows color customization and personal iD for the shoe. The most common problem in choosing a shoe would be the color. This feature eliminates that problem by letting you choose your own color.

Besides color customization, Zoom Rival Sprint sports a thin EVA wedge outsole and also has 7 removable spikes encased in a nylon plate. So you can see that Zoom Rival Sprint customization does end on the colors alone. This discount Nike running shoes is best for beginner runners and hippies like me.

Nike Recoupe
Regular Price: $60

With ultra breathable suede vamp, it provides a highly breathable upper. The presence of flex panels in the upper allow the foot room to expand. The pressure-releasing cavities in the full-length Phylon midsole provide relief to three main pressure areas of the foot and dispersing pressure over a greater area of the foot. The durable rubbers are only on areas where needed, keeping the shoe lightweight and protective.

Nike Bandolier
Regular Price: $50

The leather and textile is designed for great comfort, fit, and lock down. The gusseted tongue keeps the comfort in and the rocks out. The full-length Phylon midsole as cushioning with heel and toe bumper provides protection when you hit the trails. The Nike All-Trac Trail outsole is designed for exceptional traction on outdoor surfaces. $50 is not a bad price tag for a discount Nike running shoes of this quality.

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