Trail Running Shoes Review by Brand

Trail Running Shoes Review by Brand

Summary: Read on and get a helpful insight before you’re off to buying your shoes.

As the number of shoe manufacturers in the trail running shoes scene increased so did the availability of customer choices. Before it’s a matter of choosing which, taking it to a road test and if survives with enough satisfaction then it becomes the perfect shoe.

That practice just won’t do today. The presence of multitudes of brand names amidst thousands of shoe products is enough to overwhelm any casual buyer. The effect would be disastrous. Someone could mistakenly go for ballerina shoes in running, and would choke everyone to death for laughing so hard.

If you happen to be on the scene then read this trail running shoes review by brand and get a helpful insight before you’re off to buying your shoes.

Trail Running Shoes Review for Nike

It seems that Nike has successfully employed all the shoe geniuses in the world. That or they did their own ‘trinity project’ that could make Oppenheimer blush. Either way, Nike has all the money to fund any project. And the result? Innovative, state of the art shoes. The aftereffect? Outlandish prices. Yet another effect? Starvation. (no, kidding)

Even with outrageous prices, Nike tries to compensate by giving the best experience its shoe has to offer. Take for instance the Shox technology which could never be duplicated by any brands. After a few walks with my Shox, wow, it was really nice. I often find myself taking occasional glimpse at the floor to just to convince myself the streets in Manhattan aren’t carpeted.

One word of caution: Shox wear out fast. Nike claims that Shox Junga can resist wear but so far I’ve only seen the brittle Shox. If you are careful spender, consider the other options below before buying this model.

Recommended Model: Nike Shox Junga at $110

Trail Running Shoes review for adidas

Nike is to Shox; adidas is to adiPRENE®. Though not as polished as the Shox, adiPRENE® stands on its own as a competent challenger to the Nike technology. There are a lot of winners in adidas selection, too, like the ClimaCool® which rivals the Shox but costs lesser than the Shox’s $110.

$85 is not a bad price for a shoe of this caliber. The ClimaCool has everything you might need for trail running: fast drying textile, high traction, shock absorption and enough support. Even the antimicrobial lining is a big plus especially on trail running where your feet could get especially damp even with waterproof shoes.

Recommended Model: Adidas ClimaCool® Cadrona at $84.95

Trail Running Shoes Review for New Balance

The 803 model is New Balance best rated running shoes. It is lightweight and soft. There had been a couple of reviews about its comfort especially in long stretches of running. It is also very durable; said to still be in excellent condition even after seeing considerable use. New Balance 803 is an old model though but surviving up to this era only signifies its quality.

Recommended Model: New Balance 808 at $80

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