Nike Shox Running Shoes

Nike Shox Running Shoes

Summary: The Nike Shox running shoes integrate the Shox technology which are small columns integrated into the shoe sole and are group together in a formation usually of four

The Nike Shox running shoes series maybe the most successful line of athletic shoes in the Nike catalog, perhaps a close second after the highly successful Jordan Series.

The series was called ‘Nike Shox’ since these shoe models incorporate the Shox Technology developed by Nike. These are small columns integrated into the shoe sole and are group together in a formation usually of four or five. The first Shox application was limited only to the outsoles but now Shox are being integrated anywhere on the soles, some even have mid soles made entirely of Shox.

Shox Technology provides superb impact absorption. But not only that, they also functions very much like a spring: feeding power on each stride as the heels makes a spring back after every landing. So, if you ever wonder why they called it ‘Shox’, it is from the word ‘shocks’.

Nike Shox running shoes are not cheap, the lowest price is still $100 and the grandest Shox is a whooping $150.

Nike Shox TL 3
Unit Price: $150

This is the latest in line of the Nike Shox running shoes series. It has Triple layer construction that delivers optimal comfort and fit. The layers also provide breathability from the toes to the foot entry. The TPU midfoot support integrates lacing with superior lockdown. With bisected heel columns, each heel landings are smooth. And probably the best detail is the full length application (entire sole) of the Nike Shox technology, making the shoe an optimal environment for cushioning and impact protection.

Author’s Note: The best Shox yet, and the most expensive. But check the specs, you will see it has everything any runner would need. If $150 won’t scare you, this is the best shoe for you.

Nike Shox 2:40 iD
Unit Price: $120

Nike Shox 2:40 iD may not be the latest but the cool Nike iD feature is available for this model. In case you don’t know, Nike iD is the retailer’s option to allow a prospective buyer to select the colors of his shoe further enhancing the shoe’s likeability to the buyer. Nike iD is really a handy option, personalizing your Nike Shox would ensure that you alone have that style of nike Shox 2:40 iD around the neighborhood.

Author’s Note: Nike Shox 2:40 iD is still a Shox series, so it also has the entire sole integration of the Nike Shox technology. Now, matching your shoe with your contact lenses is already an option!

Nike Shox Turbo III
Unit Price: $100

This lightweight Nike is best for running. The seamless interior and the incredibly cushioned midsole are perfect for those powerful sprints, taking car of your feet while you pound over the lanes. The bisected lateral heel puck ensures smooth heel touchdowns and slows the pronation rate. Medium stability and medium cushioning makes these excellent running shoes for any normal runner.

Author’s Note: The least expensive shoe to incorporate Shox technology. Personally, if you have $100 to spend for this shoe, it won’t hurt to add a few extra and avail the ones above, now wouldn’t it?

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