Holidays, time of sea and comfort

Holidays, time of sea and comfort

Sand and crystal clear water whether our holiday is on our coasts in Italy or we are among the lucky few who reach beautiful island for a fabulous stay, certainly not want disfigure in terms of clothing.

So to spend hours lying to sunbathe between a dip and another, the choice of new costume must follow the new fashion trends beach becomes obliged. For a woman we find new bikini lines by strong colours, to create a “rainbow” on the beach, flanked by modern semi-one-pice costumes that play to see and not to see until to come to the simple clothes with tight strep, with necklines on the back to wear even for walks or evening to fully enjoy the sea breeze.

Even for a man strong colours for the costumes tand shorts by sea for all tastes, Hawaiian patterns beaches that attract foreign but also more sober colors for lovers of classical style.
There is the known pareo, convenient for her but also used by him, perhaps in dyed with the costume, the garment is becoming faster and convenient for the beach and other.

The desire for sea and want to stay comfortable, even when walking and then how not to use simple flip-flop, comfortable even on the shore of the beach but very appreciated also to walk in the streets of the city, from the most Spartan, rubber and plastic until most elegant, perfect for the evening, with rhinestones, finishing in silver and gold, together with light summer dress, complete the dress perfectly.
Convenient since the departure until the arrival on the beach and practice even during our shopping in the city centre, can not miss the bag, our hand luggage that gives us the air a little ‘nomadic and chic that contains everything that we need in an entire day, from morning to evening;
When we are lying on the beach and want a nice cushion enough to fill a little ‘and the canvas bag will also practice in this!

The fashion this year really satisfied anyone and who don’t love the flip-flop also in the evening, but doesn’t want hight-helled sandals and doesn’t love the wedge-helled shose, these are the sandals by metallic style the flt sandals are the accessory most used in this summer. Many models for the convenience of all, the important thing is these are sparkling like gold and silver.

So feel like holiday and siutable dresses and this year the offer satisfied all from accessories, such as glasses, perhaps with ebony and ivory frame that recall a precious style , to the simplicity colored flip-flop in rubber appreciated even by ‘ man for their comfort.

Towels with a thousand colors to sunbathe in joy but also lighter clothes and elegant evening for evenings outdoors. For the holiday of her and him the choice for comfortable clothes, simple and summer sure is much.

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