Designer Fur Coats

Designer Fur Coats

Fur coats are one of the hottest crazes in the fashion industry today. Thousands of people throughout the world have considered it for several good reasons. They are not only used for warmth on the coldest of days, but the use of fur coats has moved even into the must have category of today’s fashion. People are looking for designer fur coats and it’s interesting to know that the coats are worn not only during special occasions, but from day to night across all seasons.

Speaking of designer fur coats, a number of designers holding the famous labels have been manufacturing fur coats for those who have a special taste for it. The designer fur coats include Gucci, Feraud, Dior, Krio, and Olivieri, to mention but a few. These designer fur coats are marketed throughout the world these days from a number of fashion boutiques and salons out there in the physical world.

The Feraud designer fur coats, for instance, are renowned not only in Paris but across Europe and the rest of the world. The fur coats are made in the House of Feraud, which is actually one of the 21 remaining true haute couture houses operating these days. The Feraud designer fur coats are sold nationally and internationally and it is celebrated throughout the world for its great quality and style.

Another well-known name in the designer line of fur coats is Krio. The high quality Krio fur coats are crafted by the Natural Furs International and Krio is now known as an outwear line of distinctive pieces of art that are designed with great attention to the customers’ needs. Aside from that, a great attention to detail and quality has been part of the Krio’s history for more than twenty years now. The Krio collection of high quality fur coats are generally crafted with the use of a number of materials, including embroidered denim, textured woolens and flocked cotton. This preference is highly considered for one particular purpose, that is, to create a set of truly individual items to complete their line of contemporary and cool designer fur coats and wardrobe.

There is also the Olivieri line of designed coats made from fur. According to numerous reviews, the fur coats bearing this name are generally made from shearlings. Just like in the Krio line, these shearlings are designed with the customer’s wants in mind and with great attention to detail and quality. The person responsible for the designing and manufacturing of all Olivieri fur coats is none other than Umberto Olivieri and his staffs themselves. It is nice to know that because of the highest level of quality that the Olivieri designer fur coats offer, the Oliveiri coats are sold in the United States, Tokyo, Milan, Madrid, Klev and Frankfurt these days.

Finally, the Gucci and Dior’s collection of fur coats are deemed worldwide as two of the top designer names in the fashion industry. Given this idea, it’s no wonder that today, almost all of the fashion boutiques throughout America, Europe and Asia offer the Gucci and Dior fur coats.

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