Tokyo Fashion

Tokyo Fashion

If you are talking about a naturally stylish individual, the Japanese will never be out on the list. Even if there is not much of an occasion, they will never disappoint you with how they dress up. You will see them garbed with all the complete accessories even if they simply go to the mall, for example. As a lot of people will say, one’s clothing is a reflection of his or her personality but the interpretation is all up to you then.

One of the trends in Toko fashion is what they dubbed as Ganguro meaning literally black face common among girls in the country. This flair emerged in the latter 1990’s and early 2000’s which is a conception of dying the body’s crowning glory. Typically, ladies have eyeliners in white shades, donning on fake eyelashes then matched with outfits that are vibrant in hues. Cellphones are also covered with just about anything such as bright sarongs, flowered pins and purikura stickers, among the others.

Harajuku is one of districts that will tell you what Tokyo fashion is all about. Teenagers who visit this place in the weekends always go home bringing goodies with them. You will be able to spot Takeshita- dori, an area where boutiques are all lined up in a corner. There is also Daiso Harajuku, one of the largest 100 Yen shops in the metropolis where you can also purchase kitchen wares and electronic gadgets. If you are in for signature brands, head to Condomania where you can find the likes of Ralph Lauren, GAP and Louis Vuitton, among the others.

Ginza is one of the districts that will tell you what Tokyo fashion is all about. Known as the center of the metropolis’ esteemed chain of department depots, you can proceed to Mitsukoshi, Wako and Matsuzakaya. Mitsukoshi is internationally acclaimed where you will land on sophisticated labels such as Gucci and Coach. Wako will transport you to the Renaissance period as suggested by the architecture of the edifice. Matsuzakaya was established in 1611 with another branch in Paris.

Shibuya is one of the districts that will tell you what Tokyo fashion is all about. Outrageous is the word upon describing this place because you can encounter the young ones garbed in what you might consider weird. There is the 109 Building which is filled with all the chic wears as you will also notice several Kogals lurking around. They are individuals who are recognized for synthetic suntans, profuse make- ups, hair colors, mini skirts and platform boots.

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