Beaver Fur Coats

Beaver Fur Coats

Fur lover? Fur coats are no longer for special occasions alone, fur fashions of today reflects tremendous variety in design and spirit. Take a look around you and you’ll find the endless possibilities of fur fashions that are hitting the market of today meeting the different demands of fur lovers and satisfying those furry desires.

The industry of fur coats today is an exciting, complex and truly an international trade sector that meets the high demand of quality and fashion for these remarkable coats. From fur coats fashion marketing, to fur fashion shows, to fur trade fairs, this industry just can’t stop having it all, including a share of some controversies from animal rights activists although not really being able to pull down the demand for these coats, they however have sparked a sense of responsibility not only to manufacturers but consumers as well.

Fur fashion just seems to be everywhere, while full length sable fur coats fit some people’s everyday needs, others may want to have a fur-lined leather biker jacket or even a knee-length shearling for a duffel coat, or some would prefer the option of a colorful sheared beaver bomber jacket. Whatever the choice, whatever the taste, fur coats no longer serve just practicality but fabulous fashion character as well.

One of these remarkable fur coats are beaver fur coats. Beaver fur has long been valued for its water repellent and warmth ability. Beavers are large, semi-aquatic wild animals from North America. Their long guard hairs are very dark brown to reddish or ‘blonde’ that make for an exceptionally warm and practical beaver fur coats.

Beaver fur coats were very popular in the 19th century and beaver fur was used for many things including, jackets and other garments, collars, cuffs, coats, and smaller beavers for fur trimmings. They were so valuable that pelts were burned to keep the beaver furs price from falling.

Beaver fur hats during the 19th century were considered a symbol of status for men while beaver fur coats were the symbol of status for women. During that time, there were poor regulations and high demand which made beavers an endangered animal especially in Canada. The solution to this became the substitution of beaver fur hats with silk hats, which also became popular to people of high stature. Trapping regulations nowadays have set off the control and non-extinction of beavers today.

If you’re considering buying beaver fur coats, then you can rest on the knowledge that they have not become extinct and are still considered and valued as one of the best types of fur coats. Wearers and bearers of this marvelous fur coats are still considered of certain class or status.

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