Dog’s Fur Coats

Dog’s Fur Coats

Fur coats for dogs? Well, not only people can do fur fashion, but dogs as well. A fur loving owner would of course want their forever-loved dogs to be in fashion with them too, so the outcome, dog’s fur coats.

Dogs don’t really need the extra warmth of fur coats as they have their own natural furs to warm them up in the cold winter season, however pampering them with fur coats especially those glamorous owners, adds a little extra elegance to their already sensational lifestyle. And besides, the extra warmth it gives your favorite pet and the style they bring with it, gives extra joy to their owners as dogs in fur are really cute to look at.

From small dog’s fur coats, to designer dog’s fur coats, to reversible dog’s fur coats, to faux dog’s fur coats, the craze for dog’s fur coats seems endless as well. They come in different styles, colors, sizes, and prices. Here are some nicely fashioned dog’s fur coats out in the market today:

Faux Fur Dog Coats
You can dress your favorite pooch in this fancy faux fur coat by You can choose from prints like leopard or paw print. The faux fur that is made of this dog’s fur coat is a polyester fabric which is recommended to be hand wash or drip dry.
Price: $32.50

Chic Doggie by Corey
These elegant fur coats line are for the ultra chic dog. These coats are made of ultra soft leathered trimmed with luxurious sheared beaver with super warm shearling lining for chilly winter days. These coats are the ultimate luxury besides keeping your dog both warm and chic. These coats are also available in sable or mink.
Price: $325.00

Kirkwood Dog Coat
This coat is an interpretation of the retro Car Coat with a selection of fashion faux fur fabrics on the neck and intricate button to complete each look. They are lined in plaid colors and have reinforced top stitching; the faux leather body can be wiped down with leather cleaner. These designs are by Urbandiggs.
Price: $58.00

Audrey and Lulu Dog Coat
This dog’s fur coat is a beautiful white snow leopard faux fur winter coat that has a pink moc croc belt. It also has a wide graceful curved collar, rhinestone buckle and silver satin lining finish with designer detailing.
Price: $46.00
Audrey Houndstooth City Coat Black
This fur coat for dogs is designed with faux fur at the neck with two pockets on the back and with crystal buttons.
Price: $64.99

There are a lot of fur coats for dogs available in the market today, show the way to your baby’s heart by dressing them up, get that dog’s fur coat now.

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