Cold Weather Work Uniforms

Cold Weather Work Uniforms

Working outdoors in the cold weather can be quite harsh, but that doesn’t mean you should make it harsh on your employees too. In fact, it is your responsibility to protect your employees with all the protection and comfort at work that you can. That means, you must invest in some cold weather work uniforms for your employees. That will keep them happy and more productive for your business.

There are many brands that specialize in making cold weather work uniforms and even cold weather flame resistant uniforms. Carhartt is a world leader in making cold weather work uniforms. It has a very impressive range of coats and jackets, coveralls, bib overalls and hoods, most of which are designed as cold weather flame resistant wear. These cold weather work uniforms are not just workable for the snowy times, but they can also be used during the rainy periods with equal effectiveness.

The cold weather work uniforms are made with a nylon layer on the outside that helps to ward off the snowflakes and the water droplets that fall on the clothes. At the same time, nylon, being a non-conductive material, keeps the cold outside and retains warmth in the body. For added cold weather protection, the clothes are given a finish of a material like polyurethane.

The cold weather is excellently kept out by the effects that are given to some of these coats and jackets. Some of them have a layered or ribbed finish on them which will make the snow and the water just slide off the coats. And the coats are not that heavy too, since it is the outer design that makes them weatherproof. All the cold weather work uniforms are fastened with plastic zippers that help to protect the chest from cold draughts and ensure complete winter protection.

Another important part of the cold weather work uniforms is the hoods, which are meant to snap comfortably onto the collars of the winter coats and can be fastened in place with straps that come over the chin. Hoods are made in one standard size, so you would not go wrong, whichever hood size you would select.

Among the leading cold weather flame resistant wear are the coveralls and the bib overalls. Apart from being resistant for fire, these coveralls and overalls also provide great cold weather protection. They provide for great utility too, with big pockets in the chest and rear, and places to keep in the tools. They come with waistbands too. For the cold weather flame resistant clothing, there are leg zippers that can be used to hold the clothes in place over the legs. All fastenings like zippers and buttons are made of fire-resistant material, or Velcro fasteners are used.

Online retailer offer an extensive line-up of cold weather uniforms for your viewing. You can actually a full range of sizes, even those hard to find larger sizes or those hard to find smaller sizes. You can check out the online reserve of cold weather work uniforms. Online retailers bring some of the best brands of the world to you, and you are sure to find your choice online.

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